Our goal is to help people play better & feel great. We help your body to perform at its optimum 


As  a chiropractor over 80% of my patients could have avoided being a patient.   Too often players experience frustration of  missed strikes, aches and pains and most importantly wear and tear on the body. 

Our mission is to give back to golf community a product that combines technology, functionality, fashion and health for higher performance.

We are excited to help players feel and experience the difference instantly by improving player body alignment, for better performance, less chance of injury or  body compensations.  Resulting in a more enjoyable and higher satisfaction of feeling better after a game.   

We love the opportunity golfers gives us to focus our mission, and commitment to help deliver a meaningful experiences. 

We believe that wearing BAX-U Smart Performance Activewear  can revolutionize the players performance, longevity of healthier body,  and stronger play for everyone in the golf community to enjoy their fuller potentials.


BAX-U Smart Performance is the only activewear with motion sensor technology that operates in 2 steps for better play.  

Step 1: the only activewear that instantly corrects and supports Shoulders, Back, Pelvis and Hips alignments. 

Step 2:  Watch the 5 phases of your swing in 360’ motion, by tracking the position of your Torso and Pelvis at every phase of swing in real-time.  The sensor technology demonstrates in real-time which phases of swing changed your velocity, accuracy or handicap.  

We help you identify and  improve your game for a stronger and more efficient results.  This  2 step approach has increased players velocity and improved accuracy of golfers swings.


Our mission is to revolutionize the way we play and perfect golf.  

While many technologies offer improvement we offer an all in one solution on players smart device.   BAX-U simply backs player swing by correction of body,  tracking the performance using state of the art 3D sensor motion tracking analysis of Torso and Pelvis  posture stance and performance during a swing.  

We believe that BAX-U Performance Activewear body correction combined with real time swing analysis and feedback can transform how one plays and feels after a game.  Our team has created the best activewear product so that we can help align your body for greater ranges of motion and lower handicaps while elevating your game. 


BAX-U Golf  is at the forefront of advanced shoulders, Back Pelvis and Hips Alignment correction and Sensor technology.  We are committed to continuously improve our products and app to make it more comfortable, faster in tracking, and accessible for happier customers. We have created technology apparel that improves your posture instantly and realigns the body, and tracks your improved results,  to bring out the best in you.  We are excited to combine compression apparel, technology and better health to optimize your higher performance. 

BAX-U is the future of activewear technology in sports, health and fitness, with sophisticated sensors to track and analyze the 5 phases of swing,  in 360’ full view to help improve golf player everywhere.